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Peak Park Conservation Centre

The Peak Park Conservation Centre is a "Pit Stop" in the centre of the Peak District National Park for people who arrive under their own power(Foot Bashers, Pedal Pushers, Rock Huggers and Moles) looking to Sleep & Eat, or pause for a while to Rest & Relax with a Toilet! If you like what we offer or have suggestions on how we can improve as a non profit organisation, please tell us for your next visit

PeakParkCC Projects

We worked out an amazing combination based on simple functionality and user's comfort. They will totally impress you with their powerful contributions to our enjoyment of the countryside.

Conservation Farming

Small farming projects on our land with ponies, sheep and a small number of agricultural processes producing, food and other crops while protecting wildlife that are indigenous to the UK and more particularly their sustainability in the Peak District National Park for future generations. Currently we farm bees and the hedge rows to produce Honey, Jam, Chutney and Sloe Gin!

Outdoor Pursuits Base

The Peak Park Conservation Centre offers a "Pit Stop" for people who arrive under their own power to pull in for rest, relaxation and loo break before moving on to explore more of the Peak District National Park. We have basic plus camping (cold water taps, loos and warm water showers). We encourage foot bashers, pedal pushers, rock huggers and moles to camp as a base to do "Your Thing".

Rural Community Ideas

We want the young of all ages out of the classroom and into the countryside so they can touch, smell and feel the environment around them which is their heritage. The Peak Park Conservation Centre is available to all local schools and colleges with conservation projects to visit in small groups. We are also available to other groups like Caroline Court in Hope to visit.


Renew & recycle energy that comes from resources, which are naturally replenished, reusable, sustainable and readably available in the Peak Park, such as sunlight, wind, water, biomass and geothermal heat. We aim to implement small developments using our land and buildings to demonstrate how we as a community can harness these resources in an affordable way.


We are a non profit organisation located at "The Stables" in the little village of Thornhill in the Hope Valley. We aim to make our "Pit Stop" a user friendly visitor experience in a countryside setting more pleasant than usual roadside locations.

By making a pit stop you won't have a better opportunity to view the basic facilities available in beautiful surroundings. If you like what you see and the idea behind it please get involved, volunteer your time, suggestions & money to help us improve our facilities to make future visits more enjoyable for yourself and others.














Peak Park Conservation Centre

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