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Basic Plus Campsite

Peak Park Conservation Centre

We are open and Mark has his Phone on 07802 871 844

The Peak Park Conservation Centre offers a basic plus campsite (cold water, toilet and shower with hot water!) for one, two or more nights under canvas as a base for whose who want a "Pit Stop" for rest and relaxation when doing "your thing" exploring the Peak District National Park.

Attached to a stable door is our campsite guidance please take the time to read and follow them.

You will also find our rates and how to pay next to our Honesty box, envelopes and a pen.

Our car park gate show where the small paddock and honey field are and they have signs on them.

The small paddock is next to the car park with picnic tables and is ideal for small tents and we do allow BBQ's and fire pits. £5 each to hire for your stay even if you bring your own.

The large paddock is much bigger as is the Honey field where as long as you avoid the bees flight path landing and taking off from the Apiary at the top end of the field. We allow Fire Pits, BBQ's and vehicles in both the honey field and large paddock.

Vehicle access to the Large Paddock is through the Honey Field. If the Honey field gate is shut due to soggy ground please use the car park for your vehicles and walk through the small and large paddock pedestrian entrances.

We are away from the road with some of the most beautiful surroundings on our doorstep and places of interest to visit. Please keep it that way and respect one another and the countryside.

Basic Camping - Tariff

We offer basic Plus Camping (Hot & Cold water Toilet and Shower) for those who arrive under their own power (walk, run or pedal power) we charge £10 per person per night. If you arrive in or on a motor vehicle we charge another £5 per vehicle per visit.

You can choose your own spot to pitch a tent in either the small or large paddock and honey field. But, we do ask you use the toilet for number 2's and only light fires in our fire pits. Please park vehicles in the car park with care to leave room for others and access for animals and cars to the cozzi-camping site. At owners risk of getting stuck we do allow vehicles to park next to their tent in the Large Paddock and Honey Field.

Extras BBQ and Firepit - Tariff

BBQ and Fire Pit our hire or brought you own we charge £5 for your whole stay.

Buckets of wood we charge £10 each.

Your Rubbish

The bag ring holds open a bag for loose items in the corner of the Small Paddock and has spare bin bags tied to it. Please do not put any rubbish in the two wheelie bins that is not in a bin bag, use the bag ring and preferably take the bin bag and your rubbish with you when you leave.

PeakParkCC Welcomes Campers

If you are looking for a quiet location in the Hope Valley Peak District which is virtually in the centre of the Peak District National Park - apart from horse, sheep & pheasant calls - this could be place for your long weekend away from it all.

The Peak Park Conservation Centre welcomes campers who love and respect the countryside to make a "Pit Stop" and enjoy our simple basic camping facilities. So to book in for a night or two off the beaten track why not give Mark a ring on 07802 871 844.

we look forward to seeing you at the Peak Park Conservation Centre, The Stables, Thornhill Lane, Thornhill, Nr Bamford, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S33 0BR.